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Etka Gittel Reich [Dec. 20th, 2007|11:00 pm]
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[music |Kol Dodi-D'veykus-Volume 2]

Okay I'm officially a "fan" of her writing. I noticed vaguely over chanukah that she had written a multi part historical novelette for Bina and I thought another one? Don't they already have one based in 1700s Philadelphia? I mean it's okay but I'm not so into the omniscient narrator speaking in faux 1700s English. Somehow it seems wrong especially because the characters sound more modern than the narrator at times. I mean it's interesting but Reich's story is


I was a few issues backed up and I read the first part along with the rest of the magazine.

Then I read the 2nd part and couldn't finish the magazine. I had to go to the next part. And then the next.

Then I found out I have to wait until Monday to read the fifth part.

I don't often clip and save articles from Bina but I almost always have clipped hers and wish I had clipped the earlier stories I had read of hers.
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A Message from Mendel [Jul. 26th, 2007|08:18 pm]
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˛ÇV"DS6755IU m bJ

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Rochel [Jun. 27th, 2007|10:55 am]
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[music |WFMU's Jewish Moments in the Morning with Nachum Segal from 6/26/2007-WFMU and Nachum Segal-Jewish Moments in the Morning with Nachum Segal]

is turning 4 today, ka"h!
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Misc. stuff [May. 20th, 2007|04:23 pm]
I finally went on my big Boro Park trip. One of the nice ladies who've been helping so much took me in her car and DH stayed with the kids. First we hit Designer's Paradise and I got tons of stuff. I pretty much stuck with the look of skirt, shell and long sleeve blouse. I got 3 shells, 4 blouses, 2 skirts and a twin set. Phew. I'm still size 12 but hey I'll be wearing decent clothing which fits me finally.

I also went to Frankel's the used bookstore and got a bio on Rebbetzin Grunfeld a"h, and a Me'am Loez on Bereishis for less than the price of a full price book at a regular store. It's one of those stores that if you go too much you never find anything but if you don't go that much there's always something to find.

I also found another robe for R and a skirt at Rosenbergs.

Then R wanted to listen to this Zushe Schmelzcer Alef - Beis tape we have and it's so confusing with the dialect difference but she still likes it.

I'm starting to do the Shavuous menu. Like all years I never seem to do the dairy meal. We're going out. I'm almost disappointed but it's fun to be with friends. I'll be cooking the next two days IY"H. I've got to get produce but otherwise I think we're pretty set.

Here's what I'm making: Challah, Gefilte fish (partly done already), Salads, Soup with Knaidlach, Roast, Chicken strips with Barbecue Sauce, Some unknown side dish, Some pareve dessert, Ice cream sandwiches and a few more odds and ends.
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Shabbos [May. 11th, 2007|12:35 pm]
I'm being ambitious. I should stop being so ambitious as we're getting ltae here. Okay so we're not but I like to have things cooked by early afternoon. So in that respect I'm late.

CHallah- I love these challah pans, thanks Mindy for the tip! I've discovered that making challah in a breadmachine is not for me even when I take it out and bake it in the oven it just seems like not challah to me. So I'm back to making it on my own.
Salmon for me
Gefilte Fish for DH (and maybe DD)
Marinated Tomato Salad
Broccoli Mango Salad
Chicken Soup with knaidlach
Poulet Chasseur
Some other dessert maybe

Of the above I haven't done the salmon, salads, schnitzel and I have to buy the gefilte fish still but otherwise I'm not doing too badly.

DD came home and was acting sleepy (for that means grabbing her blankie and sticking her thumb in her mouth and leaning on the chairs. Then she camped out in the kitchen. My kitchen is a typical NYC kitchen so I had to move her. So cute though, ka"h
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ebay woes [Apr. 19th, 2007|08:49 pm]
WEll I've discovered that ebay is not a good place for me to go shopping for skirts. They're tsnius, B"H but each skirt wasn't what I had envisioned. I'm embarrassed to say a lot of the problem is me not properly reading the descriptions.

There's some good that comes mixed in however besides that I didn't spend much.

1. the first skirt I got was banana republic size 12. Guess what? I don't fit a size 12. Maybe I already lost weight but I could fit a size 10 by them. I'm shocked but it just goes to show how weird sizing in. I have size 12 skirts in my closet that are too tight one me. Go figure!

2. the second was a wool skirt going cheaply I figured I'd put it away for winter. It's okay but it's teal. I thought it was dark blue! I never would have bought a teal skirt ever. I'll put it away but I can't imagine wearing that. This one is a little snug on me but fits. Also size 12.

3. a black skirt with a white pattern on the bottom. Very thin material. The pattern is more garish than I'd like it. Not overwhielmingly garish but not as nice as I thought. Not bad though.

so I think I will have to make a trip to Boro Park one of these days.
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Today's events so far [Apr. 19th, 2007|09:33 am]
Rochel woke up at 3 am or so and finally crashed at around 9:15 am. so she's home for the day. I've been up since around 5. Things will get interesting by 9pm. [:

babies are slowly starting to do solids.

and it's day 4 on the diet and I'm still on track. yey! of course with me things start getting iffy usually around 2-3 weeks after starting so we'll see. Somehow it's hard for me to keep momentum going longer than that.

Rochel has been doing things like putting her plushy simanim from the seder in the fridge and taking these new bibs somebody bought the trips on her dolls. She's being a great girl today, ka"h. It was fun eating lunch with her and I need to get off the computer and spend more time with her bclal. Although I think school is great for her this is a treat!

I started a chavrusa via jnet (not the internet filtering company). She's also BT, but doesn't really have a formal education although hashkafically we're probably on the same page as we're both Lubavitch. We started out with 1 posek in Bereishis and the Sefer ha Mitzvos shiur for the day. (but it's for kids. It tells you the first line of the mitzvah and then a story. Hopefully we'll switch to Kitzur Shulchan Aruch or the Alter Rebbe's Shulchan Aruch. I'm also hopefully starting a chavrusa with someone who is way more learned than I am. I think we'll be learning from the 3rd Rebbe's sefer, Derech Mitzvosecha although I'm not settled on that yet. Yey!
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Oops [Apr. 16th, 2007|08:08 pm]
So I'm wrong about the sheitel.

major apologies to my sheitel macher are on order. I left her a message to call me back as it was important. She just got back in yesterday and she was thinking what happened?? Anyway, this sheitel has never been washed as I'm barely wearing it. And when I got it she was also leaving the country and I was about to have the trips so it wasn't washed and set then. Apparently the color can change and the texture can change after a wash and set and usually she doesn't like selling sheitels so quickly because of it. And the bangs are longer than I thought I guess go figure. She checked the # on my tag and she says it's definitely mine. Okay so I spent yuntiff not wearing my sheitel because I thought it wasn't mine.
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a couple more things [Apr. 16th, 2007|12:17 pm]
Did I mention my sheitel macher did a swap on my sheitel? She was leaving the country for yuntiff and did it at the last minute and left it at a neighbor. DH picked it up and it's not my sheitel. Unless there's now a way for bangs to grow on a sheitel and for the color to change in a few day's time. I still haven't gotten a hold of her. I did fiddle with the idea of having a reddish sheitel but still what if this is somebody's? Consequently I wore my old sheitel throughout yuntiff. Wonder where my sheitel is?

and we're getting rid of the credit card debt and we left ourselves with only two cards both with very small limits. O hope this helps our fico score!
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Mish Mash [Apr. 16th, 2007|10:43 am]
1. So we were convinced there's a dead mouse in the wall because there was a smell we couldn't get rid of even when we moved the trash. We moved away the fridge. Nothing. The cleaning lady came and cleaned the fridge and found lots of rotting raw meat. No wonder I couldn't find the chicken breasts I was looking for that I had sworn I had taken out to defrost in the fridge. They had been there all along but I never even thought to look in the vegi crisper. Oops. At least the smell will go away pretty quickly now!

2. Speaking of mice what is it with us and Pesach anyway? The mice love us then. DH caught a mice I think it was chol hamoed. Which is why DH figured there was one in the wall. And when I was pg with Rochel that erev Pesach we had our one and only mouse in our last apartment.

3. But in good news we were being attacked before Pesach by these tiny bugs the size of poppyseeds. They loved my pump pot. They're called springtails. Mamesh it's like they're moving poppyseeds. Gross beyond belief. And they seem to have found a different home B"H!

4. I've purchased a few skirts on ebay and it's interesting as I never would have found these skirts otherwise. A banana republic long khaki skirt and I'm not a banana republic shopper and a wool skirt to prepare for winter and so I can throw out my winter skirt that is seriously a rag by now and a cute shabbos skirt in black with white flowers near the bottom. So I better keep losing weight because I got size 12 so I just better not be a size 14. I still want to make a trip to Designer's Paradise however. I haven't had much luck with the internet at all and I'd rather go to a haimish store and support them.
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